Articles » Are You Living the Lifestyle of Your Dreams?

To many people, the typical suburban homes with the two car garage, the large back yard, and grass to mow is not their idea of heaven. What these people want is the ultimate luxury: freedom, and the time to enjoy it. These people work hard, make good money, and want to enjoy it doing what they want to do - whether it's playing golf, traveling, culture and entertainment, or just having the time to spend on their personal hobbies.

That's why lifestyle communities, such as low-maintenance communities, have become so popular. What's not to like? You're surrounded by people who share similar interests. You have all the advantages of home ownership (choice of design, components, tax benefits, equity appreciation), and few of the disadvantages (maintenance, yard work, finding good help). These communities also often feature facilities such as club houses, tennis courts, and swimming to provide recreation, fitness, and social interaction.

While the homes in these communities may be somewhat smaller than the mini-mansions of suburbia, they certainly don't lack the luxury amenities and finishes these buyers have come to expect. They're smaller because buyers often have fewer children by then, and because smaller means less housework. However, they still include extra bedrooms (for when children and guests come to visit). They still have a yard, and many of these communities feature the detached single family homes we know and love.

Are you spending more time taking care of your home, and enjoying it less? Then maybe you're a prime candidate for a lifestyle community.