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While owning your own private home is undoubtedly a benefit in the US today, it also carries with it a lot of responsibility and work in terms of maintenance and yardwork. Houses need painting, lawns need mowing and raking, trees and shrubs need pruning. The list of chores can seem endless. When home owners are young, this may not be a problem, but as they grow older, they are less able (and willing) to spend the time and energy it takes. In addition, once people retire they want greater flexibility to pick up and go - to travel and visit family and friends, relax, learn new skills and participate in new activities, without worrying about the condition of their home and yard.

Other people simply don't have the time or the energy for maintenance. They have demanding, professional jobs, and would rather spend their free time and weekends on family, cultural activities, and hobbies. Yes, they could contract a private company to maintain the exterior of their home and their yard, but even that requires time to hire the people and oversee their work. It's simply a hassle. It's also more expensive. Individual owners may not be in a position to negotiate the best possible price.

To meet those needs, a new type of housing is emerging - the maintenance free community. Many of these communities are oriented to the empty-nester market, where people live in smaller homes, on smaller lots, but want all the luxury and convenience they've grown accustomed to. Individuals still own their own homes as before, and are still responsible for interior maintenance. Homeowners pay a reasonable monthly fee, and all outside maintenance is taken care of by the community itself. They gain some of the advantages of apartment living (maintenance is someone else's problem) but also enjoy all the benefits of home ownership (privacy, their own yard, tax benefits, equity growth). It's the best of both worlds.

People who live in maintenance free communities enjoy the ultimate luxury - the freedom to spend their time doing what they want to do. The No-Worry Lifestyle takes us closer to that ultimate goal.