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For a sizable share of the home buying marketing, building a custom home is the first choice. Buyers who have owned several homes or whose standards of living has jumped during these strong economic times want the creativity and individuality that only a custom home can provide. Many Realtors, however, are uncomfortable selling custom homes because the basic process is somewhat different than the re-sales market. Here are five tips to smooth the selling process…
  • Establish a relationship with a reputable custom builder. Most builders welcome the opportunity to expand their name recognition within the realtor community and would be happy to meet with you and/or your client.
  • Direct your client twoard builders who have a model or completed homes they can show. Tangible examples of the builder's work are the best indication of their commitment to quality construction.
  • Focus as much on the builders' customer relations and building process as on their homes. A bad builder experience will sour the positive feelings about the house.
  • Set the ground rules with the builder. How involved do you want to be in the design and construction process. What is your commission? When will it be paid?
  • Discourage a bidding mentality in your buyer. Your buyers will get what they pay for. Instead, promote the value of a negotiated contract with a reputable builder.