Articles » Making a Splash in the Bath

Today's master bathrooms are beyond luxurious - they would make an oriental potentate feel right at home. And yet, like many aspects of today's home, it's the emotion, not the logic, that counts.

A large whirlpool soaking tub is considered absolutely essential, even though studies show that most people don't take baths - they take showers. But a soaking tub looks nice, and the room would feel incomplete without it. And let's not forget all those fantasies about bubble baths for two, while sipping champagne. Even if you never do it, it's fun to think about. Besides, what if you want to resell the home? What if the new owner actually wants a tub? It would cost a lot more to add it later.

But even a simple shower isn't enough - today's showers feature multiple shower heads, cascading waterfalls, and pulsing jets of water for a total bathing experience. Two shower heads make it easier to share the shower, as well as creating a sensation of being surrounded by water. Custom showers can be huge, lined with marble, and many have walk around entryways, to eliminate shower doors. It's a big step up from the shower head in the standard tub.

One sink isn't enough - now there needs to be at least two sinks -- his and hers. In some cases there are two separate vanity areas - so that the wife doesn't have to put up with the husband's shaving mess, and the husband doesn't have to put up with her hair spray. And of course, the countertops are either Corian, granite, marble, or ceramic tile. It costs a lot more than cultured marble, but it looks better and lasts longer. When we use ceramic tile on the walls, it isn't the plain white tiles of the past. We want special colors and textures, and special inset tiles to add border and patterns.

We've upgraded the lighting, the fan (more quiet), the faucets (nickel, brass, or brass and chrome), the mirrors (framed), the towel racks and hardware. The flooring is either ceramic or marble tile. The lowly toilet has been relegated to it's own room - for greater privacy. Sometimes there are his and her toilets - presumably his with the lid left up, and hers with it down.

You see, bathrooms aren't about being clean. They're about pampering ourselves in small ways, to give our lives more a sense of luxury and self-indulgence. After all, we're working harder, spending more time away from home, and making more money. What better way to tell ourselves, "you deserve the best."